Rich Curriculum

Our rich, broad and balanced curriculum provides our children with exciting, purposeful learning experiences which capture their interest and support them in developing the skills, attitudes and knowledge which will prepare them for future learning and for life.

Opening Hours

With Over 21 Years Experience In The Field Of Education Cedar International School Is Home To Excellence.​

  • Monday - Thursday
    7.30am - 16.30pm
  • Friday
    7.30am - 15.30pm

Best Learning Condition

Creating a classroom that is organized and that is characterized by mutual respect makes it a lot easier to teach effectively, our facilities are also in compliance with 21st century’s teaching standard. We place top priority on the safety and wellness of every student on our premises.

Why Cedar Int'l Schools

our School



The Cedar International School partners with families to produce God fearing, Enthusiastic, Learners, disciplined in honour, cultured in attitude and confident in personality through individualized system of teaching, oriented to leadership.
Our values of Excellence, Obedience, God Fearing, Love and Care, Discipline, Honesty and Hardwork act as a compass. They help us navigate the big decisions and guide our everyday actions – throughout the good and the tough times. They are an integral part of our DNA and help all those connected to the school know what is expected of them and what they can expect of us.
To make a difference in the lives of our pupils by inculcating a balanced education of academic excellence, Godly character and the fear of the Lord.
Promoting a high standard of education at all levels. Instilling moral and discipline in individual through a sound education. Having respect for cultural and traditional values with adequate moderation and modernization.
Cross fertilization of good moral ideology and scientific principles. Operating rules and regulation in conformity with the national policy on education and state regulatory agencies.
The academy is established as a center of learning for moral and religious knowledge, scientific and modern technological development, it is nurturing the youths towards perfection, as they are the leaders of tomorrow.
As a school, we are dedicated to qualitative education and we seek to integrate comprehensive moral tenets-with the social, modern and western education based on loving, inspiring an meaningful methods of learning equally, it caters for the proper upbringing of the young ones. Collectively, it provides a foundation for a literature of practice and study.

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The Cedar International Schools

Dedicated To Provide Quality Educational Standard In The Heart Of Nigeria The Cedar International School Strives To Provide The Best To Our Students To Achieve Academic Standards And Education Imbibed In Our Students.