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The Cedar International School is strategically located at phase 3 junction kubwa, Abuja. It is a citadel of learning. Cedar International School has been in existence for over 2 decades and still counting. Cedar International School was established on the 4th of January 1999.

Since its inception, the school has been applauded for its excellent academic outcomes in the lives of over of those who had their formal education. The Cedar International School exudes a family-friendly atmosphere where parents, pupils, teachers and friends rely on. To encourage and promote friendships, the school organizes open days, community development services, cultural day displays and picnics.

The cradle of excellence, a bedrock on which The Cedar International School is founded, has an integrated curriculum interest to the collective benefits of the ward or the students designed to assist the young mind to discover hidden talents. Our pupils are confidence driven and curiosity propelled.Our practical and project given teachings are designed to inculcate independence for our pupil’s progress.

Core Values

  • To be happy, not grumpy
  • To respect and be polite.
  • o be positive in all things.
  • Treat others the wat you want to be treated.
  • To keep calm when others are talking.
  • To be consistent in words (Integrity).
  • To be good mannered.
  • To be honest and trust worthy .
  • To take responsibility for my action.
  • To always take turn.
  • To always stand till the end (never give up).
  • To always share with friends.
  • To do my share of work and finish what I start.
  • To always face challenges and willingness to do new things.
  • To always do my best.
  • To stand up for what is right.
  • To celebrate differences and value them.
  • To care for others and encourage them.
  • Providing quality and holistic education.
  • Demonstrating innovative and quality education.
  • Personalized teaching to all students.
  • Train sustainable leaders for future.
  • Inspiring strong size of community development.
  • Good relationship amongst friends / teachers.
  • Being kind to one another.

Vision Statement

To effect a global change through digital learning to equip and stimulate creativity in learners.

  • School Mission
  • To empower student to acquire quality education.

  • Demonstrate respect for one another

  • To develop culture of respect to one another in larger society.

  • To articulate and value knowledge.

  • School Mission
  • To develop skill that will support and aspire them to do their best and celebrate success.

  • Ensure punctuality and good attendants.

  • Prepare Student to understand, contribute and succeed in rapidly changing society making the world a better and just place.

Our Rich Curriculum

Our rich, broad and balanced curriculum provides our children with exciting, purposeful learning experiences which capture their interest and support them in developing the skills, attitudes and knowledge which will prepare them for future learning and for life.

Well Trained Academic Staff

In The Cedar International Schools, we place high value on periodic training of our staffs. Our staff are well and adequately trained to deliver quality teaching to our students and to act in-loco parentis.

Good Health Facilities

The School sick bay is staffed by qualified School Nurse so that immediate attention to illness or injury is available to students at all times..

creative teaching

We Adopt Best Methods of Teaching To Students To Support Them in Their Academic Goals

our Management

why choose Cedar International School

Cedar International School was born out of the love for children and inspiration from God. The foundation of the school was laid on the principles of God the father and author of human existence. The Chairman and Proprietress of the school are good Christians and this is transcribed into the school curriculum. The teachers in Cedar International School is carefully chosen and groomed to achieve the aim and objectives of the school.
The school has a Parent Teachers Association, where parents are oriented on how to accommodate children`s behavioral change after school. Assessments are also collected from parents on character and behavioral change; these results are used to further refine the child to suit the immediate environment and friends.
The Proprietress, Mrs. Babade is fondly called Mummy Tolu. She has taken the mantle of leadership placed in her hands by God. When the children in the creche see her, they are all filled with joy, laughter and happiness. She has a control power that makes the students want an extension of the daily assembly.
Though firm and soft spoken she always has an extra time to go through student records, call each student by name and counsel each of them one after the other. She is a strong believer in God who never spares to scold any erring student. Love radiates around her, no wonder the school keeps growing on a daily basis and as she also trust in the person that backed her The Almighty God, who never fail or changed.
She is a nurse by profession, a mother and a mentor; she always gives a listening ear to the parent. She is loved by her staff and also a good leader.
In year 1992, he wrote a book title Mother and Child showing his interest in the children`s development. He is a pastor who believes in radiating the love of God to all nations.
Pastor Dr. Babade, a medical doctor by profession, is not only a chairman, but one who has sown the seed of growth, unity and human development in the school. He believes not only in morality and personal integrity but in extending it to the whole world. He takes an extra step in making sure all is well. He has been strategically placed by God to take charge and control to the development of the Nigerian child.
Dr. Babade B. A is a product of the elitist school, National Institute of policy and strategic studies. He is a valuable member of the National Institute (MNI).
Cedar International School was established on the 4th January, 1999 with about 4 students in the day care section and four students in the Nursery and Primary School. There were two teachers, two baby handlers and the proprietress. The school still occupies the site till date.
In 2010, the school recently celebrated the 10th year of existence. It was a celebration of the decade. Cedar International School has a Primary and Secondary classes which has been registered with the Education board of Abuja and has been approved by the Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria. As a school that meets the requirement of a standard school. Cedar International School has climbed to the height of greatness with standard school facilities, professional teachers who in their best capacity has made the students unique whereby they emerge as champions in inter schools competitions they have attended. The classes or classrooms have increased to over 40 with over a hundred staff.
The school has graduated successfully numerous sets of graduants into post primary institutions who have gone to further their educational pursuits in the universities within our shores and in the Diaspora. The school has a policy of encouraging the less privileged by giving scholarships. At least 30 students are beneficiaries. The queens are not left out of this gesture. The school is also involved in an annual community based service to its host community and environs.